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Wycombe MAG Hands

Once upon a time there was a merry band of bikers, who had strange, wondrous machines that would transport them wherever they wanted. They used these machines to explore the world and gather together meet others with similarly magnificent machines to discuss the best (most interesting) way to get home!

Following one such meeting, the bikers decided that they wanted to share their way of life with the world and have a rollicking good time doing so…as such Wycombe MAG was born. 

This band of bikers includes grumpy dwarves, mad cows, mechanical maestros, crazy haired grannies, hairy health workers and talented teachers to name but a few, but are always looking for other interesting individuals to join their ranks!

Widely regarded as the ‘party people’ of the local MAG scene, we pool our talents twice a year to put on these fantastical events for charity;

Dirty Donkey  (18+)     and       Chinnor Bike Dayz